School Uniform

Please can we make a big plea to Parents / Carers to support our school uniform. Please support us by purchasing, plain black tops, plain formal trousers (NOT cargo trousers, black jeans or tracksuit bottoms) and skirts and school shoes, rather than casual footwear. We genuinely believe that the wearing of school uniform impacts on the success of youngsters and the ethos of the school and we rely heavily on parental support.

All pupils must wear school uniform as follows:

  • Footwear Plain black shoes or plain black trainers with minimal branding
  • Skirt / trousers Plain and formal black (If leggings are worn, they must have a skirt over them.)
  • Shirt / blouse White only, long or short sleeved
  • PHS Tie  Provided for all pupils. Separate styles for S1 – S4, S5 and S6

Replacement tie costs £6

  • Tops Plain black V-neck or round neck jumper/sweatshirt or cardigan bearing a PHS logo, small brand logo or no logo, stripes or patterns
  • Fleece jacket Plain black or navy (logos as above)
  • Over jacket Plain black or navy strongly encouraged
  • School Bag All pupils should bring a bag to carry school books and equipment

What should not be worn:

  • Jeans (in any colour)
  • Tracksuits / Jogging bottoms / Leisure or sports wear
  • Crop tops, denim clothing or other casual clothing
  • Broad belts / coloured belts
  • Football scarves, strips or tops
  • Baseball caps or non-black footwear
  • Overly short, tight or revealing clothing
  • Inappropriate, unsafe or excessive jewellery
  • Inappropriate or excessive make-up

Physical Education

All pupils are expected to wear appropriate sports clothing such as shorts, tracksuit / jogging bottoms, T-shirts and appropriate footwear with non-marking soles. Pupils are not permitted to wear any part of their school uniform to their P.E. lessons.

Your co-operation is requested to ensure that all pupils are equipped to participate in P.E.

Parents / carers and pupils must also be aware that in line with the department’s Health and Safety policy all items of jewellery should be removed including body piercings. If the body piercing cannot be removed it must be covered with a plaster.

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled. Please help us by ensuring that pupils do not bring valuable or expensive items of clothing to school.

The benefits of School Uniform

  • Creates a sense of belonging and pride in the school and raises self-esteem
  • Dressing specifically for school creates the feeling that the day is meant to be purposeful and focused
  • Helps prevent competition between students over the wearing of designer clothing
  • Helps to prevent bullying which can arise from students not having certain styles of clothing
  • Improves the image of our school in the community
  • Promotes safety in the classroom especially in practical areas such as Science Labs or Food Technology and Textiles rooms
  • Improves school security by making it easier to identify intruders
  • Helps security and group management in school and on school trips through easy identification of P.H.S. students
  • Often much less expensive than “designer” clothing (the colours we have adopted are among the easiest to find in the shops)
  • School uniform is much more clearly defined than dress code which many pupils / parents / staff found rather ambiguous, prone to grey areas and consequently rather confusing

ALL pupils MUST carry a bag to school containing their Personal Planner, subject jotters and/or text books, writing equipment and when appropriate specialised clothing e.g. P.E. kit.

If you have any queries regarding the school’s Dress Code, please contact the School Office.

Footwear and Clothing Grants

Grants for footwear and clothing for youngsters are available to parents receiving:

  • Child Tax Credit, but not working tax credit, with an annual income of less than £15,910
  • Income Support
  • Jobseekers Allowance[income-based]
  • support under Par V1of the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999
  • Income related element of Employment and Support Allowance.