Pathways S4->S5; S5->S6

Edinburgh College run a range of School College Partnership courses. For more detailed information about these courses please visit SCP Senior Phase Guide 2024/25

Course TitleLevelAvailable Year GroupsWhenLocation
Foundation Apprenticeship Creative and Digital Media with Graphic Design6S5Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
Life Drawing 1 and Portfolio Building5S5/6 (over 16)Wednesday eveningGranton
Life Drawing 2- Portfolio Building Expressive Drawing6S5/6 (over 16)Wednesday eveningGranton
UAL Diploma Level 2 in Drawing5S5Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
UAL Diploma Level 3 in Drawing6S6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
Cisco Cyber Security Essentials5S5/6Friday afternoonsSighthill
Computer games with IT Software NPA5S5/6Friday afternoonsMilton Road
Foundation Apprenticeship in Information Technology- Software Development6S5Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
NPA Software Development6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsMidlothian and Sighthill
NPA Data Science6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsMilton Road
Film and Media NPA6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsMilton Road
NPAs in Sound Production (2): Recording and Live Sound6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsMilton Road
Digital Media Editing NPA5S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
Foundation Apprenticeship: Creative and Digital Media6S5Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
Modern Musicianship (Performance and Production)6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
NPA Radio Broadcasting (5) and Journalism (6)5&6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill (TBC)
Dance NPA5S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
Acting and Performance6S5Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
Musical Theatre6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
Professional Theatre Preparation6S6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
Technical Theatre6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
Theatre Costume5S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
Introduction to Motor Vehicle Industry: Paint and Body Repairs4S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
Introduction to Motor Vehicle Industry and Technologies4S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsMidlothian and Sighthill
Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering6S5Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoonsMidlothian
Engineering Skills Nat 55S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsMidlothian
Childcare and Development Higher6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
Early Learning and Childcare4/5S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton and Sighthill
Health and Social Care Academy5S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsMilton Rd and Sighthill
Health and Social Care Higher6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
Introduction to College1/2S5/6Tuesday and Thursday morningsMilton Rd and Sighthill
Introduction to College3/4S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill and Milton Rd
Psychology N55S5Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill and Milton Rd
Psychology Higher6S6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill and Milton Rd
NPA Criminology5S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
NPA Achieving Excellence in Women’s Football6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
NPA Exercise and Fitness5S5Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
NPA Team Sports5S5Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
Business Skills L15S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
Bookkeeping5S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
Marketing with Entrepreneurial Skills5S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
NPA Criminology (Legal)6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsSighthill
AH French/ German/ Spanish/ Italian7S6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsOnline
N5/ H German5/6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsOnline
N4/5/6 H ESOL4/5/6S5/6Higher- Mon or Wed 4:30-6:30
N4/5- Tue or Thu 4:30-6:30
Hair and Beauty Skills4/5S5Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton or Milton Rd
NPA in Hospitality 6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton and Milton Rd
Professional Cookery NPA3/4S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton and Milton Rd
Travel and Tourism NPA6S5/6Tuesday and Thursday afternoonsGranton
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