Pathways S4/5

Information Evening Presentation

A narrated version of the information session can be found here.

Step 1: download a virtual copy of the book (the contents page is hyperlinked to the relevant pages)

Step 2: Have a look at the Subject Choice Tool at My World of Work (if you haven’t done so, set up an account…there is a parent/carer option)

Step 3: Edinburgh university have produced a video to give you some things to think about. It includes advice for everyone, not just those thinking about going to University

Step 4: Look through the book at try and work out what your Personal Pathway might look like. You can find blank ones on page 38 of the book or download one here.

Step 5: Finally choose your courses for next year. You should rank them in order of preference and include one reserve. We only use the reserves if we need to and we try really hard to give everyone the courses they ask for.

Foundation Apprenticeships (Mostly S5)

In S5 there is the option to enrol on a foundation apprenticeship. Useful links are provided below. These are an exciting blend of college courses and work experience that can be taken alongside traditional school courses. S6 students can apply to take an FA course but acceptance is subject to demand from schools across Edinburgh.

College Courses

A range of college courses are available for study alongside school courses. We build the timetable to make it easy to attend the courses that run on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. These courses take the place of one of your subjects. You should choose a back up subject in case you are unable to get into the course of your choice. You can find the full list of courses here.

YASS (S6 Only)

YASS courses are aimed at pupils who are working at Advanced Higher level. We cannot always offer all the courses someone might want to take and these are an alternative way to study. We currently have students studying courses in:

  • Computing
  • Statsitics

The courses are delivered by the Open University and are of a very high quality. They provide a useful way to develop the independent study skills required at University.

Click these links for more information and the list of available subjects. A YASS course would take the place of one subject.

Forward Planning

Leaving school is still a few years away but it is a good idea to think about the choices open to you after S4. If you have some idea about what you might want to do, the resources below might help you.

If you have a specific route after school in mind, make sure you research it now.

  • Look at the Pathways Diagrams in the course choice book.
  • Look into entry requirements for courses, apprenticeships, etc.
  • Use My Work Of Work Course Choice Tools to help you

These resources can help too:

  • Edinburgh College: find out more about entry requirements and types of courses available
  • Apprenticeships: See the range available and what you need to get onto an apprenticeship. Remember that apprenticeships operate at a range of levels and can be a good alternative to College or University
  • UCAS: explore the range of courses available at University in Scotland and the rest of the UK. If you have a specific course or University in mind, check the entry requirements carefully
  • Prospects: can help you choose a degree course and give you some idea of what type of career you might move into
  • Career Explorer: My World of Work has a section that provides useful insights into a huge a range of jobs at all levels. This can help understand entry requirements, salaries, working patters, etc
  • Edinburgh Guarantee: This has a range of current jobs and apprenticeships at all levels. It is worth signing up for updates so you can keep an eye on what is available.

LEAPS is set up to widen access to Higher Education. Whilst not everyone will be eligible for support through LEAPS, their website has useful information that is open to everyone. Links are provide below to the S5 and S6 pages. For more information about eligibility, please speak to your Pupil Support Leader.