Pathways S3

S3 Pathways Book

you can download the S3 Pathways book here.

Information Session

You can find a narrated copy of the S3 Information Session here.

Forward Planning

Leaving school is still in the future but it is a good idea to think about the choices open to you after S4. If you have some idea about what you might want to do, the resources below might help you.

If you have a specific route after school in mind, make sure you research it now.

  • Look at the Pathways Diagrams in the course choice book and try to write your own (you can get a blank copy here)
  • Check out the Careers Insights videos
  • Look into entry requirements for courses, apprenticeships, etc.
  • Use My Work Of Work Course Choice Tools to help you
  • Nutshell Series: These resources have been prepared by the National Parent Forum of Scotland and explain the different qualifications in plain English.

These resources can help too:

  • Edinburgh College: find out more about entry requirements and types of courses available
  • Apprenticeships: See the range available and what you need to get onto an apprenticeship. Remember that apprenticeships operate at a range of levels and can be a good alternative to College or University
  • UCAS: explore the range of courses available at University in Scotland and the rest of the UK. If you have a specific course or University in mind, check the entry requirements carefully
  • Prospects: can help you choose a degree course and give you some idea of what type of career you might move into
  • Career Explorer: My World of Work has a section that provides useful insights into a huge a range of jobs at all levels. This can help understand entry requirements, salaries, working patters, etc