Pathways S2

Welcome to the Pathways page for S2

You can find our S2 Pathways Sway here

Information Evening Presentation

You can find a narrated version of the Information evening here.

All S2 pupils will be given a hard copy of the Pathway book. This includes sections to help make good choices. You can find out more about:

  • Where it is likely there will be growth in jobs
  • Different ways to get into a particular area of work
  • How different courses support each other
  • How you narrow your choices and specialise as you move through the school

Step 1: download a virtual copy of the book (the contents page is hyperlinked to the relevant pages)

Step 2: Have a look at the Subject Choice Tool at My World of Work (if you haven’t done so, set up an account…there is a parent/carer option)

Step 3: Edinburgh university have produced a video to give you some things to think about. It includes advice for everyone, not just those thinking about going to University. There are

Step 4: Look through the book at try and work out what your Personal Pathway might look like. You can find blank ones on page 27 of the book or download one here.

Step 5: Think about your courses for next year. You should rank them in order of preference and include 2 reserves. We only use the reserves if we need to and we try really hard to give everyone the courses they ask for. There are some restrictions on what you can choose and the form below will help you make your choices. You can download a copy here.

Step 6: You will have a meeting with your pupil support leader. After this, go to the TOOLs website and enter your options. You can see a video of what this looks like here.

S2 options form 21/22

Forward Planning

Leaving school is still a few years away but it is a good idea to think about the choices open to you after S4. If you have some idea about what you might want to do, the resources below might help you.

Whatever you do, it’s a good idea not to specialise too much at this stage.

  • Look at the Pathways Diagrams in the course choice book.
  • Use My Work Of Work Course Choice Tools to help you
  • Nutshell Series: These resources have been prepared by the National Parent Forum of Scotland and explain the different qualifications in plain English.

These resources can help too:

  • Edinburgh College: find out more about entry requirements and types of courses available
  • Apprenticeships: See the range available and what you need to get onto an apprenticeship. Remember that apprenticeships operate at a range of levels and can be a good alternative to College or University
  • UCAS: explore the range of courses available at University in Scotland and the rest of the UK. If you have a specific course or University in mind, check the entry requirements carefully
  • Prospects: can help you choose a degree course and give you some idea of what type of career you might move into
  • Career Explorer: My World of Work has a section that provides useful insights into a huge a range of jobs at all levels. This can help understand entry requirements, salaries, working patters, etc


Alongside qualifications we all need good skills. Qualifications often do not measure these well but they are incredibly valuable. This video explains how skills are important in an increasingly global job market.

My World of Work has a skills explorer section where you can find out more about your skillset. We all have different skills and that is important. The person typing this is good with technology and numbers but less good with writing essays. That’s fine as the team they work in has people with different skills and they all work together to get a job done. It is OK to be good at something and less good at something else!