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Revision classes for all National 5 History pupils are taking place every Tuesday after school until 4.30 p.m. in Room 8.05. Focus will be exam technique.

Come along to improve your grade!



For the Geography unit on globalisation and sustainability, S2 pupils study the different sides of the debate for sustainable palm oil.

Palm oil is in 50% of all the products we buy, from margarine to skincare, and many people don’t realise that this ingredient is often being harvested from plantations where the labourers are poorly paid and native wildlife such as orangutans are chased out or killed if found in their former habitat.

After debating the issue, class 2D decided that the big issue here isn’t that consumers don’t care, but a lack of awareness, so they took to the streets of Porty, with the help of an orangutan friend or two! Although the majority of the people surveyed were aware of the palm oil issue, only 31% of people surveyed guessed that palm oil is in half of our household products.

Please watch our video and have a look at the posters created by members of the class to raise awareness, and look out for sustainable palm oil logos on the products you buy!

Awareness Campaign

Palm oil poster Eilidh G

Palm oil poster Solly M


Classes are open to pupils in S4 who are sitting National 5 or 4 this year. You can come along to practise reading, writing, listening and talking, or to catch up on any assessments you may have missed.

French (National 5/4) –  Thursday – after school in room 219

Spanish (National 5/4) – Monday – after school in room 214

Higher revision classes will also take place after school on Mondays for both French and Spanish.


Transport is the cause of a quarter of our greenhouse gas emissions in the UK, which in turn causes global warming and health issues in polluted areas. PHS’ Eco Committee raises awareness of this issue and encourages the school community to work together to solve it by holding 3 Car Free / Share Days a year.

S6 pupils who drive to school will be asked to make a donation to the Eco Team (funds will be spent in the biodiversity garden to absorb some of the carbon from your emissions!).

Alternatively, take a walk, cycle or bus to school and help your environment and community!

Car Free Day


Our Business Management Retail Class will being selling sweets in the foyer at interval this Friday (26th February 2016) and coming round classes to collect a donation of £1 for the wearing of bright colours. All proceeds going to the Sick Kids Foundation.


Portobello High School Careers Convention 2016

The 2016 Careers convention will take place in the hall on Thursday, 25th February 2016.

During the afternoon all S2, S4, S5 and S6 pupils will have the chance to visit the exhibition, collect information or chat to contributors about possible careers, training or employment opportunities.

Contributors covering a wide range of options will also be available to chat to parents / carers and young people in the evening between 1800 – 19:45 hrs and all are welcome at that time.

The attached booklet gives information on who will be supporting this venture during the course of the day.

Should you require any further information, please contact:

Mrs. J. Ritchie or Mrs. M. Williamson on 669 2324

Careers Covention Brochure 2016


There will be an interact club starting up in Portobello after the February holidays.

Interact is a club for young people that runs and supports projects that help the local and global community. The club is open to the 4th, 5th and 6th years and we are currently looking for people to fill the role of vice president, treasurer and secretary.

There is a meeting at break on Friday 12th in Miss Cavellini’s room (310) for all those interested.

Celebrating the closure of the old Portobello High School

We are looking at ways of celebrating the closure of the old Portobello High School and there has been discussions on how we go ahead with this.

We are planning a couple of open days but in order to do so we need your help.

Can you help with the following:

  • Did you attend Portobello High School ? – send us your name and date of attending – (If female – your maiden name)
  • School Memorabilia
  • School Photos
  • Photos of yourself at school
  • How many generations of your family have attended Portobello High School
  • Do you know of anyone who attended Portobello High School and has gone on to be successful in business or in their career ?
  • Newspaper cuttings
  • Medals / Cups
  • Report Cards

All memorabilia donated for our event will be returned to you.

Please contact for further information or to pass on any documentation, etc. or telephone (0131) 669 2324.

S1 Geography Orienteering Test

Our winning and runner up teams in the S1 Geography orienteering test today!  Good to be outdoors.




Edinburgh Guarantee have sent in their latest vacancies for pupils which can be viewed in the library, in the staffroom or on The Edinburgh Guarantee website under the Current Opportunities section.

This week’s opportunities include apprenticeships SAAS customer services, procurement and plant maintenance.

There are also many more employment and apprenticeship opportunities within accounting, auditing, hospitality and cooking, web development and IT, business/marketing/admin, childcare, hairdressing, retail, mechanics and vehicle parts, engineering and logistics, banking, fire technicians and travel assistants amongst many others.