Portobello High School has been working hard to make sure everyone feels welcomed and belongs within the Portobello community. We have been doing that in many ways, including the two below.  


Portobello High School was delighted to achieve the LGBT Charter of Rights at Silver level. This was facilitated by staff and pupils of our Equalities Group.  

The LGBT Charter for Education is a programme that has enabled the school to proactively include LGBTQ+ young people and adults in every aspect of our school. Being accredited with the Charter enables Portobello High School to send a positive message, with confidence, that our school is a champion of LGBTQ+ inclusion where LGBTQ+ learners, staff and parents will be safe, supported and included.  

Find out more information about the Charter here –  

If you or anyone you know needs more help and support, please follow the link below for more help, support and advice. 

Anti-Racist Curriculum 

Staff and pupils have been working hard to make sure that everyone feels included and represented within the Portobello High School Community. Departments have been revisiting their curriculum to make sure all voices are heard, and groups represented. There is an Equalities pupil group running and Miss Kaur produces a monthly Equalities newsletter for pupils, staff and families. Please see copies of the newsletter below.  

Ms Kaur was awarded the Saroj Lal Award for her pioneering spirit in equality and diversity, for all her work in creating a safe space for learners, staff and members of our school community to discuss racism and anti-racist principles.  

Find out more about this award here. 

The Equalities group is run by Miss Kaur and Mrs Gorman and meet fortnightly at Monday lunchtime in G13.

Some of our past projects including celebrating Black History Month, running House Assemblies and working with our librarian on a National Campaign to make school libraries Anti- racist.