Welcome back!

It’s time to start the new term. These are the arrangements for starting back:

S2 – S6 come in at 8.30. They will initially go to their old KAGs where they will be informed about their new KAG. Each pupil will be issued with a slip of paper informing them of their new Key Adult and their registration room.  At 8.40 a bell will ring and they will go to their new KA group where they will be  registered and informed what to do in the event of a fire alarm being sounded. At 9am the fire alarm will sound and KAs will take the pupils out to line up in their allocated areas. They will go back in as soon as – they need to be back and out of the back playground by 9.15 as the S1s will start coming in.

When they go back to their KA class pupils will be issued with their timetable. You will then have about 20 minutes to start to support your new KAG to bond and to think about how they will welcome S1 when they join their KAG on Thursday. More information on the management and implementation of the new KAGs will be issued on the  in-service day – Tuesday 16th August.

At 9.30 S1 will line up in the back playground and be registered and then at 9.40 be taken to a class for period 2 where they will meet with their Guidance teacher. During that time the Guidance teacher will issue the S1 pupils with their timetables and take them out to show them the KAG area that they line up in in the event of an evacuation.