Primary 5 at The Royal High Primary School received this email to great excitement yesterday! We are the only school in Edinburgh to progress through to the online voting stage of this competition. As a class we would really appreciate if you could visit this site and read the wonderful article we entered. The prize is a 3 day visit to Orkney!

“I am very pleased to let you know that The Royal High Primary School’s entry into the Legion Scotland Stories Of the Sea Competition has made it into our final stages and is online for the public to vote for their favourite!

You can vote for your school or favourite entry on our website:

Please note each computer can only vote online once – to vote again on that computer an incognito tab must be opened. This is to try and make sure that the votes are fairly collected.

Voting closes on 21st March so please do spread the word and encourage as many votes for your school as possible!”

Thank you for taking the time to read and choose one you enjoyed.

Irene Clark and Primary 5, The Royal High Primary School