For the Geography unit on globalisation and sustainability, S2 pupils study the different sides of the debate for sustainable palm oil.

Palm oil is in 50% of all the products we buy, from margarine to skincare, and many people don’t realise that this ingredient is often being harvested from plantations where the labourers are poorly paid and native wildlife such as orangutans are chased out or killed if found in their former habitat.

After debating the issue, class 2D decided that the big issue here isn’t that consumers don’t care, but a lack of awareness, so they took to the streets of Porty, with the help of an orangutan friend or two! Although the majority of the people surveyed were aware of the palm oil issue, only 31% of people surveyed guessed that palm oil is in half of our household products.

Please watch our video and have a look at the posters created by members of the class to raise awareness, and look out for sustainable palm oil logos on the products you buy!

Awareness Campaign

Palm oil poster Eilidh G

Palm oil poster Solly M