Celebrating the closure of the old Portobello High School

We are looking at ways of celebrating the closure of the old Portobello High School and there has been discussions on how we go ahead with this.

We are planning a couple of open days but in order to do so we need your help.

Can you help with the following:

  • Did you attend Portobello High School ? – send us your name and date of attending – (If female – your maiden name)
  • School Memorabilia
  • School Photos
  • Photos of yourself at school
  • How many generations of your family have attended Portobello High School
  • Do you know of anyone who attended Portobello High School and has gone on to be successful in business or in their career ?
  • Newspaper cuttings
  • Medals / Cups
  • Report Cards

All memorabilia donated for our event will be returned to you.

Please contact Nicola.todd@portobello.edin.sch.uk for further information or to pass on any documentation, etc. or telephone (0131) 669 2324.