STEM Enrichment Day

Congratulations to all pupils who were involved in the S2 Engineering Day on 23rd May, organised by Ms Byrne. It was an amazing opportunity for students to work together in small groups on a ‘design and make’ Technical project. This event was open to 50 pupils taking either Engineering Science or Physics next year.


The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day designing and producing working models. They were judged by James Alterman of SMALLPIECE on Aesthetics, Functionality, Teamwork and Presentation skills.


The winning team members were:


1st PLACE – Grace Brown, Carla Maley, Rosa Bock, Bella Baillie, Abigail Yeats

2nd PLACE – Daniel Johnston, Greg White, Sam Hannah , Murray Watson, Nick Weaver

3rd PLACE – Connie Quinn, Rosanna Pollock, Murron Marr, Simran Piya, Kirsty Wilkinson, Oli Erskine