On Thursday, 5th June 2014 five pupils from Portobello High School STEM club went to Murrayfield Stadium to represent the school in the annual Celebration of Engineering and Science. They competed against other schools from across Scotland in different challenges.


They won the Ping Pong Pentathlon competition. The Ping Pong Pentathlon is a competition linking Science to the Commonwealth games. The pupils were challenged to make pieces of equipment to mimic different sporting events:


  • In Archery they made a launcher to launch ping pong balls at a target to get the highest number of points.


  • In Sailing they produced an elastic band powered boat to travel across a water tank in the fastest possible time.


  • In Football they designed a robot to push and pull a ping pong ball through a maze in the fastest possible time.


  • In Parachute Jump they made a parachute for the ping pong ball to fall as slowly as possible to a target.


  • In Javelin they made a paper glider to carry a ping pong ball as far as possible.
  • They also researched and produced a poster about the Science and Engineering achievements of a Commonwealth country.


The pupils received a medal each and £250 to be used for the STEM club for next year.


Pupils who took part were:


New S2

Dexter Charlton

William Griffiths

Joachim Vanneste


New S6

Hilde Metzger

Rachel Walker