Science Club – Chick Watch!

In April the Science Club ran a two week project to hatch and raise baby chicks from eggs.  The eggs arrived on Tuesday 16th of April and spent the first two days in an incubator to keep them at the required 37.7 degrees Celsius needed for chicken egg incubation.


On Wednesday 17th pupils arrived to find that two eggs had cracked as the chicks started ‘pipping’ their way out and ‘cheeping’ was heard from the eggs throughout the day.  At 5.30pm on Wednesday the first chick hatched, followed within 20 minutes by the second.  All of this was recorded on the webcam set up to monitor the eggs overnight.

By Thursday 18th pupils arrived to find four yellow fluffy chicks and one brown chick, who was quickly named Noodle.  Over the next 24 hours another three chicks hatched leaving a total of eight.


On the Thursday and Friday pupils had their first opportunity to hold the chicks and record their weight and height.  By Thursday the Science Club team set up the chicks’ brooder and transferred them to their new home where they would stay for the next 10 days.


Over the next 10 days the Science Club team as well as classes throughout the school monitored the chicks’ growth twice daily taking readings of their changing height and weight.  Every day there were noticeable differences in the chicks!  They also had the less cute job of cleaning out the dirty brooder box twice daily!  This data has now been passed to the maths department who are going to process it and produce posters displaying the chicks changing statistics. All pupils did a fantastic job while they were handling the chicks and looking after them.  Well done!