S3 is the culmination of the Broad General Education in the new Curriculum for Excellence.  It is a year in which knowledge and skills are further developed, with firm foundations being laid down for study towards the new National Qualifications in S4.

At the end of S2, pupils will meet with their Pupil Support Leaders to discuss their Learning Pathway into S3.  They will choose to study eight subjects that allow a degree of specialisation across all areas of the curriculum.


Staff continue to have a responsibility to develop, reinforce and extend learning in the following areas:


Interdisciplinary learning continues to be a feature in S3, allowing pupils the opportunity to bring together their learning from many areas of the curriculum with a relevant focus.  The focus in session 2013-14 will be ‘Porty does Strictly’.  Costumes are being designed in the Art and Design department and made in the Food and Fashion Technology department by the pupils.  Music will be provided by the Music and performing Arts department with many other departments involved in some way.




S4 is the beginning of the Senior Phase of the Curriculum for Excellence.  It is the year in which youngsters prepare for presentation in the new National Qualifications.

Further information about the Senior Phase and the new National Qualifications can be found by following this link.


There continues to be a strong focus on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing across all aspects of learning and every teacher will support learners to develop these skills

Opportunities to develop skills for learning, life and work will be built into the curriculum.  For example, all S4 pupils are given the opportunity to follow a week-long work placement.  Partnership working with Edinburgh College and other local schools allows us to increase the range of options available to our pupils, particularly of a vocational nature.