Interdisciplinary Learning

Interdisciplinary learning makes connections across different areas of learning.  For example, learning about climate change can allow for learning to be brought together from the sciences, technologies, social studies, literacy and numeracy.


Looking at a concept from different perspectives can help pupils to understand it better and can also help to show the connections between different subject areas.  It can provide challenging and enjoyable learning experiences in which many different types of skills can be developed.


Opportunities to work with partners who are able to support an enriched learning experience are an additional feature of interdisciplinary learning.


There are many interdisciplinary learning experiences for pupils within the school.  These can be whole year group experiences, small or paired groups of departments or classes or whole school activities.


Below is a sample of some of the events which take place, most of which are carried out within normal curriculum time.

  • Food and Drinks Challenge for S2 pupils.
  • European Week of Languages for S1 pupils.
  • Life in the 1960s.
  • Art and CDT collaboration – Design and make project for S1 pupils.
  • Haiti Project: Modern Languages and Geography.
  • Standard Life Annual Tea Dance involving S6 pupils.
  • Design a Healthy Sandwich – primary school project.