S3 Profiling – Setting Up

Your S3 profile will be done using Evernote on your iPad and a web tool called postach.io.   The video below will show you how to set up your postach.io account.




More About Your S3 Profile

Throughout the year you have been using Evernote to capture examples of learning in different subjects.

  • You need to look through the notes you have taken in Evernote to select examples of your ‘Latest and Best’ learning in each subject
  • You should focus on the significant aspects of learning for each subject and the skills that you have developed (your teachers will guide them with this)
  • Once you have gathered together thsi information, write a note in Evernote that showcases your latest and best work in each subject.  This will automatically upload to postach.io
  • Please do make sure that you tag all notes with the subject, CfE area and the work ‘published’
  • The S3 Profile is a way of celebrating your best achievements as you move from the S3 and into the Senior Phase in S4.
  • It is a skill that you will need for life e.g. for job applications and personal statements for application to colleges/universities.