Over the last two months many of our 4th Year pupils have been taking part in a range of practical activities for the SQA unit ‘Values in Action’, as part of the Religion, Belief and Values Award which all our core RME students have a chance to work towards over S3&S4.

This year, S4 pupils have been involved in choosing an activity either individually or as part of a group, to show how we can take our beliefs and opinions beyond the classroom and put them into practice.

There has been a most impressive range of activities taking place around and outside school by our S4 pupils taking the initiative to support various charities of their choice or to raise awareness about an issue they have felt strongly about.

Fund raising activities have ranged from cake bakes, sponsored silences, abseiling and cycle runs to counting sweeties in a jar and henna hand designing to name just a few. One group inspired by our last year’s Head Girl who is doing voluntary work for a charity supporting orphaned children in Africa this year, raised over £200 towards the charity, by organising a very successful cake bake.

Other pupils chose to raise awareness about issues that mattered to them from youth homelessness in Scotland to the treatment of animals. One group made a beautiful display in the library about the treatment of killer whales in marine parks like SeaWorld while others decided to make short presentations to S1 pupils about the issue after watching the documentary ‘Black Fish’.

Many pupils in their write up of the activity have expressed how much they have enjoyed doing something to help others and has inspired them to do more. It’s been quite heart-warming for us as a department to see pupils engage enthusiastically and generously in this way.

Overall, our S4 pupils have raised a considerable amount of money for a number of charities and shown how responsible they can be when committed to something they believe in.

Thanks to all the parents, teachers, janitors and office staff who have helped our pupils carry out these activities and put up with any inconvenience caused.


J Proctor – C Thornton – R Cavellini – (RME Department)