Portobello Park Private Bill – Consideration Stage Report Published

Please note that the Consideration Stage Report regarding the Private Bill has now been published.  You will find the link below. I have outlined the concluding statements. This is an important step forward.


Peigi Macarthur

Head Teacher


Portobello Park Private Bill – Consideration Stage Report Published

The Consideration Stage Report has now been published.



180. The Committee has been struck by the apparently polarised positions of the parties involved with this Private Bill which has not facilitated constructive resolution of as many outstanding issues as the Committee would have hoped. The Committee hopes that any future engagement between the parties will be more productive.

181. While it is not a matter for the Committee, the Committee notes the promoter’s previous commitment regarding future consultation exercises, and encourages the promoter to ensure that, if the Bill is passed, such actions are included in the consultation process to be carried out in relation to the use of the replacement open space.

182. Having taken account of all the evidence, the Committee is satisfied that the benefits of the proposal which the Bill would allow to be taken forward, outweigh the disbenefits. The Committee notes the compensatory and mitigation measures which would be implemented as part of the planning process and is also satisfied that an appropriate balance has been struck between the private interests of those adversely affected by the proposal and its benefits to the wider community.

183. In conclusion, the Committee is satisfied that, while the Bill itself does not authorise the construction of the school in Portobello Park, by removing the legal obstacle which currently prevents it, the subsequent development which would impact on objectors’ private interests are in all the circumstances proportionate.