Library Resource Centre



Opening Hours

Monday & Wednesday

8.30 a.m – 4.30 p.m

Break – Open

Lunch – Closed for S1/S2 Books and Baking Club (Mon)

and Paired Reading (Wed)

(New members are always welcome, please see Miss Thow for more information and to join)

Tuesday & Thursday

8.30 a.m – 4.30 p.m

Break – Open

Lunch – Open at 1 p.m


8.30am – 3pm (subject to staff training/meetings – students wishing to use the Library after 12.40pm should check with Miss Thow in advance)


Lauren Thow – Librarian (full-time)



There are approximately 12,000 books and magazines held in the library.

The fiction section is in five parts: Junior/Intermediate, Senior, Short Stories, Graphic Novels/Manga, Picture Books and Quick Flicks. Senior fiction has a red star on the spine and is recommended for students in S4 and above.

The information (non-fiction) section is organised by topic using a simplified version of the Dewey Decimal classification scheme. As well as general topic based books the Library holds collections of local studies, teaching, revision guides and past papers.

The Librarian can advise students and staff on accessing free eBooks and online resources such as academic journals and industry magazines through Edinburgh Public libraries or the National Library of Scotland. Please contact Miss Thow for more information.Pupils can borrow four books at a time for an initial period of two weeks. They can be renewed if more time is needed and there is a reservation system if a book is out on loan.


Careers Section

Here you can find information on all kinds of careers. There are prospectuses for colleges and universities and two notice boards with posters and other information relating to careers, courses and employment vacancies. Careers appointments take place in the guidance room just off the Library. Students wishing to make an appointment should speak with their guidance teacher.


Staff Book Boxes

Staff can request a box of books on a particular subject for use in class. The Librarian can source items from other neighbourhood libraries if the required books are not available in the school Library.



There are at present 13 netbooks available for the use of pupils and staff. Staff can book the computers by contacting the Librarian.


Learning and Teaching in the Library

The Library tables and computers can be booked for lessons by contacting the Librarian.

Sixth year pupils use the library during free periods to study. Other years can access the Library at break, lunchtime and after school or during lesson period (with agreement from their teacher). If students are sent to the Library during a lesson staff must send a note confirming they have permission to be out of class.

The Librarian can lead or contribute to teaching and learning activities, e.g. teaching students research and referencing skills. Examples of recent projects are:

  • S1 Literacy Lessons (6 week literacy block led by the Librarian through English lesson periods)


  • S2 History research project
  • S2 Famous Mathematicians research project
  • S3 Autobiography research project
  • S5 English research


Please get in touch with the Librarian if you have a project you feel the Library could assist with



Students are given the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities including:

– S1/S2 Books and Baking Club

– S1 Paired Reading

– Manga & Anime Club

– Literature Festival

– S1 Quiz Club

– Edinburgh Book Festival visits

– Teen Titles Magazine book reviews