Wider Achievement

Everyone knows the importance of getting formal qualifications at school – but our pupils are involved in a wide range of activities and have other important achievements, for example in:

  • youth work
  • volunteering
  • part-time employment
  • hobbies and interests
  • projects that they undertake across the curriculum
  • participation in activities and opportunities in school beyond the classroom
  • helping out at home.


As a result, young people are developing important skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work that can be of real value to them as they grow up and when it comes to getting a job or going to college or university.


We want to make sure that young people get full recognition for all their achievements – not just their exam results.


At Portobello High School, we use a wide range of approaches for reporting on and celebrating the success of our pupils, both within the school and in the wider community.


Recognising and celebrating the achievements of our pupils can increase their confidence, raise their aspirations and improve their motivation for learning.