S6 Experience

Christen Lauder, Head Girl 2010-11, and Andrew Dove, Head Boy 2010-2011, share their thoughts on the S6 Experience at Portobello High School.


“There is so much to get involved in at Portobello high School, especially in S6. The school is always raising money and awareness for a variety of charities, promoted by the S6 students.  We have a great time getting involved in all of the different activities, whether it is dressing up, selling raffle tickets or holding bake sales.


We also take part in raising money for the school, led by the Fundraising Committee made up of a group of S6 students and a member of the parent Council.  Although a new venture, this committee has already raised a considerable amount of money for the school from events such as the Cabaret Evening.  We are always working on new ideas.


Apart from the Fundraising Committee, we have four other committees all completely run by S6 students, Prom, Yearbook, Talent Show and Common Room.  This gives us the freedom to learn to organise ourselves and work together to get things done.  Most committees meet every fortnight and are always great fun, helping to create a strong community within S6 and letting us get to know each other that bit better.


As S6 students we are seen as role models in the school and are given the chance to be ‘peer supporters’.  This could involve helping with a class or individual pupils.  A lot of S6 students get involved with this as it is a chance to pass on your enthusiasm for a subject to younger pupils.


Recently Andrew and I were invited along to a meeting of the Parent Council.  This was a great chance to put our views to the parents, especially with the new school being planned.


As School captains we also have to speak at House Assemblies and represent the school at other events.  At first this was a scary thought but has actually been quite fun, increasing our confidence and public speaking abilities.


S6 is a completely new experience for all of us, we have a lot more free time and it is up to students to organise themselves.  However, we have really enjoyed ourselves working with both teachers and pupils on social events and other new responsibilities to try to create a better, closer year.”