Key Skills Support


Reading over notes

Many pupils don’t realise how regularly this needs to be done to lock the course content into their memories. Remind your child that reading over class notes at the end of each week helps pupils to get their heads around topics they find difficult, and is necessary for homework exercises too.


Watching the news

Much of the Modern Studies course is on the news most evenings! Watching the news frequently will help with their knowledge and understanding. This should be encouraged and will help gain essential knowledge for their examples.


Hints and Tips for Helping with Homework and Exam Preparation

Due to the ever changing nature of Modern Studies your child might be asked to complete some research at home on a particular current topic. This might require internet but there are computers readily available in school to complete this if needed.


Other homework pieces will include completing past paper questions, both knowledge based and enquiry skills. The knowledge questions use the principle of main point, explain and example. This structure is the key to success in both the National 5 and

Higher courses.


The enquiry skills element is only improved through repeated practice. Your child will be given these home to complete and can also check their answers online on SQA.

As per department policy in S1 – 3, we ask that you sign written homework exercises to keep you informed and to allow you to check for any obvious problems or errors.


Departmental Study Support Activities

Departmental drop in sessions are held from 3.45 until 4.30pm on Wednesdays in Room 706. These sessions are for all year groups and are designed to allow for a quiet place for pupils to do homework, or simply to ask a question or to clarify any difficulties. All welcome.


National 4/5 Study Sessions: These are usually held on Tuesday lunchtimes. They normally run for 3 weeks prior to the Prelims. and for 4 weeks prior to the final exams in March/ April. Please see posters in the Department to find out exact dates and classrooms. Pupils are issued with a study support pack prior to the Prelim exams in November. They can keep this pack, until after the final exam in May. It focuses on exam questions and structure.


Higher study sessions: These are usually held on Wednesdays from 3.45 until 4.30pm in December and January prior to the Prelim exams in January and then again from March until May in the lead up to the final exam. Please see posters in the Department for exact dates and classrooms.


If any pupil cannot make the scheduled revision sessions, they are more than welcome to arrange another time with their class teacher to go over certain parts of the course at lunchtimes or after school.


Recommended Study Support Texts


  • Higher Modern Studies Course Notes, Leckie and Leckie
  • Higher Modern Studies Grade Booster, Leckie and Leckie
  • How to Pass Higher Modern Studies, Hodder Gibson