Modern Studies has traditionally been associated with only politics, however pupils will learn in our department that this subject is so much more. Encompassing the principles of not only Politics, but also Economics and Sociology, Modern Studies thoroughly analyses our society and the world around us. Focusing not only on the political systems and inequalities that exist between different groups, we also critically examine the key institutions that influence decision making in UK society and societies across the world.


Aims and Philosophy

  • To provide learners with an insight into the world they live in through the examination of both UK and international issues which shape the world today
  • To use this knowledge to encourage our learners to have a global awareness, shape opinions and educate others to the inequalities around the world
  • To enable our learners to become active citizens, not only in their local community, but also in the wider world, through the knowledge learned of UK and global institutions, political processes and influence of outside agencies, e.g. charities, pressure groups and the media
  • To use a range of teaching methods to ensure that every type of learner is able to work and learn to the best of their ability and potential
  • To provide a safe learning environment to ensure that all learners can express their opinions without fear of embarrassment or criticism, enabling them to become confident and mature individuals
  • To use a range of critical skill based lessons to install and develop a range of social skills in our learners that can be transferred into the workplace
  • To help our learners achieve the best possible exam results to further their education and qualifications for the workplace


Success Headlines

  • Visits to both Corntonvale and HMP Edinburgh every year for Advanced Higher.
  • Attending the High Court to watch real life trials.
  • Visits from prominent MSPs for added value research.
  • Participation in debates in various locations. Most recently at the City Chambers about Scottish independence.
  • Ghana trip scheduled for 2015. A whole school trip, inspired by Modern Studies pupils.

Curriculum Leader

Mr N Goodfellow