Key Dates

S1 – Pupils come to Modern Studies on a 12 week rota and spend a third of the academic year with us. There are a number of key pieces of work which are assessed. The first is an extended writing piece on Portobello with no rules and laws, which is 4 weeks into the course. The other is the crime role play in which pupils work in a group piecing together all the information on crime they have learned. This is 2 weeks before the end of the course.

S2 – Pupils come to Modern Studies on two 6 week rotas over the course of the year. By the end of the first rota all pupils have completed the Isreal/Palestine report in which pupils look at the issues affecting the country and possible solutions. They will also have filmed a news report on Terrorism. During the second rota the pupils look at Scotland and carry out a mock election in groups. At the end of the unit, they write a comparison of Scotland Vs China on issues including human rights and political participation.

S3 – As part of the Broad General Education, pupils will complete a variety of assessments. Homework is issued at the teacher’s discretion and should be completed accordingly.

S4 – There are a range of SQA assessments that need to be completed to ensure progress at the presented level.

National 3/4/5

  • Social Issues in the UK: Crime and the Law – Assessment completed by September.
  • International Issues: The Politics of Development in Africa – Assessment completed by January
  • Democracy and Decision making in Scotland – Assessment – Assessment completed by April
  • National 4/5 only have to complete an Added Value Unit on a topic of their choice – Completed by September



  • International Issues: The USA – Assessment completed by October.
  • Electoral Systems, Voting and Political Attitudes – Assessment completed by January.
  • Health and Wealth Inequalities in the UK – Assessment completed by March.
  • International Issues: The Politics of Development in Africa – Assessment completed by April


S6 Advanced Higher – It is very important that pupils adhere to deadlines given by their teacher at this level. Candidates will sit a course assessment and must submit a dissertation by Easter. A question paper will be sat in May/June of the SQA exam diet.