The new school is going up quickly.  The design of the lower ground floor was a very exciting project leading to the development of several interesting social spaces for pupils.  Pupils have continued to be involved in various projects such as wayfinding and signage, again led by Space Strategy, food tasting, where 2 pupils from every year took part in a taste test for various new catering options and voted on their likes and dislikes.  They were  even involved in choosing what colour their toilets should be!!

Three pupils got a tour of the new building in September and fed back to the other pupils on the signage group on what they had seen.

The Parent Council were updated with a presentation at their November meeting and a tour for them will be organised shortly.

Most of the Senior Leadership team have visited and there are tours arranged for the Leaderships team and Senior Support colleagues this month.

There are plans to brief pupils and parent / carers further in the near future.

There are also plans underway on how to celebrate the current school building with a variety of suggestions being considered. Formers pupils will play a part in this along with current pupils and staff.

A few photos are included to show progress to date

dining looking to assembly games hall technologies classrooms view from art terrace