Attendance and absence

Please let the school know by letter or phone if your youngster is likely to be absent and give your youngster a note on his or her return to school, confirming the reason for absence. If there is no explanation from a youngster’s parent / carer, the absence will be regarded as unauthorised.

Absence Alert Number – 0131 – 657 9057

Parents / carers should contact the school absence line by 8:15 a.m. on the first day of their youngster’s absence.

Pupils will not automatically be allowed to leave school for appointments (i.e. dentist, doctor, etc) if they do not have a parent / carer note or a telephone call hasn’t been made to the Admin office to advise this is happening.

Our school, like many others in Edinburgh, has an automatic communication system that will contact you directly if your youngster is marked absent at morning registration and you have not informed us of their absence.

By using this service, our school is able to reassure you that we are meeting the Scottish Government’s recommendations, in terms of contacting you on the first day of your youngster’s absence. The system provides an ‘early warning’ system should your youngster go missing from school. As always, your youngster’s safety is our main concern.

The system requires you to provide the school with ONE telephone number only that you wish to be contacted on if your youngster does not turn up to school.

To ensure all our pupil data systems are effective parents / carers must keep us updated with all home, work and mobile telephone numbers and any home address that change.