iPad Set Up

Hello to iPad!

In order to set up your iPad, you need to create an Apple ID and set up an iTunes/App Store account.

  • You will need to create your Apple ID using your school email address.
    • You will then need to verify your Apple ID by logging into your  school email.
    • You can log into your school email by going to http://office365.edin.org and use your normal username and password (eg the same name and password you use to log into the computers in school)

      IMPORTANT: your school email address is yournumber@schools.edin.org

  • Please take a note of your Apple ID and Password
  • When setting up your iTunes account, ensure that you use NONE as the Payment Details.
  • You will be prompted at one point to add a passcode.  Please ensure you add a passcode and remember it.
  • Once you have set up your Apple ID and iTunes account, please download Pages and Keynote App Store.

A guided walkthrough of setting up an Apple ID, iTunes Account and accesing school email can be found below in three different formats: Narated Video, PDF document and Slideshow.

A note about Microsoft office

You can download the Microsoft office apps for your iPad (and for you home computer too) completely free of charge.  In order to sign into the office iPad apps, please see this guide: Office for iPad and Home

iPad set up Guides

Important: Do not rename your iPad! your iPad is named w-por-XXXXX where XXXXX is a number.  This is also the number you can see on the back of your iPad.  


PDF Download:

A PDF version of the slides – ipad setup s2