S2 Visit Site of new Forth Road Bridge

image2 imageOn Thursday 28th May Mrs Whittington’s S2 class enjoyed an excellent visit to the site of the new Forth road bridge.

The Forth Replacement Crossing, officially named the Queensferry Crossing, is the largest engineering project to take place in Scotland in a generation. It provides a vivid demonstration of engineering and its related disciplines. The site of the new bridge is unique – nowhere else in the world can you see 3 iconic bridges spanning 3 centuries of construction.

The class were treated to a presentation about the construction of the new bridge by Elaine Barrie of The Forth Replacement Crossing Education Centre.  We were very grateful to Elaine for her expert input throughout the day. After the presentation the class tried their hand at building their own bridge.  Through working as a team with a self-appointed Project Manager they successfully completed an impressive structure which stood 2 metres tall and 10 metres long. To finish the day off they walked to the centre of the existing Forth Road Bridge where they were able to take in the wonder of all 3 Forth crossings up close.

2CD1 also made their mark on the Forth Bridges web site where you can see a photograph of their day out – go to  http://www.forth-bridges.co.uk/queensferry-crossing/frame-the-bridge/frame-the-bridge-mosaic.html and enter “Portobello” into the search box.

Well done to the class – we may just have found some budding engineers in our midst.