Developing the Young Workforce

As Edinburgh’s Strategic Lead on Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), we are currently leading on various developments from this report, and would like your involvement and feedback on the topic of skills development, as part of our wider consultation. As part of DYW, we are examining the types of skills that students should be developing from Nursery to Third year, and beyond, in regard to being employment ready. Within the DYW or Wood Report, Recommendation Number 2 (see below), examines skills in ‘preparing a student for employment’, alongside improvements in Careers Guidance.

A focus on preparing all young people for employment should form a core element of the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence with appropriate resource dedicated to achieve this. In particular local authorities, Skills Development Scotland and employer representative organisations should work together to develop a more comprehensive standard for careers guidance which would reflect the involvement of employers and their role and input.

As a result of this, Edinburgh are working toward facilitating and implementing a set of core employment skills that can influence a student’s journey, throughout their schooling, toward employment. There are various skills frameworks, etc. that are available, but most importantly we would like your feedback and involvement in shaping this for students in Edinburgh. Below is a link to a survey that we would like you to complete, to gain your views on the necessity of particular skills.

The survey focuses on Literacy, Numeracy, Health & Well-being, Enterprise and Employability, Leadership, Working with Others and Thinking skills. We would greatly appreciate if you could spend some time to complete this survey. The survey will close at the end of Friday; 29 May 2015. Your feedback will then influence the planning we undertake as part of our endeavours to Develop Edinburgh’s Young Workforce.