The Business Education S2 Enterprise Awards Ceremony Wednesday 4 March 2015

We were delighted to welcome back all S2 pupils to celebrate their achievements at the S2 Business Enterprise Event. We wanted to showcase all the pupils’ work from the event so we started the ceremony with a ten minute montage of all their hard work. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed watching clips of their team work and presentation skills!

Then it was time for the awards!! We would like to thank Mrs Williamson (Deputy Head) for attending the ceremony and presenting the awards to the pupils. After much deliberation we presented the following:


  • Best Managing Director: Lucy

Lucy Cunningham

  • Best IT Manager: Toby

Toby MacWilliams


  • Best Administrator: Anna

Anna Bradley


  • Best Marketing Manager: Thomas


Thomas Maley


  • Best Finance Manager: Ella



  • Best Brand Award: Whisky Whirl (Caitlin ; Catriona ; Ciara ; Beth ; Bethany ; Brandon ).

Whiskey WHirl


  • Best Team Award: Scotty Pops (Georgia ; Kaitlin ; Jordan; Jake ; Katherine ).


Scotty Pops

At registration the following day all S2 pupils who participated in the event received a certificate of excellence.


We would like to thank all the pupils for their participation in the event. We were very impressed with their commitment, creativity and enthusiasm. We certainly have many budding entrepreneurs in our midst!


Special thanks also to the S6 Art, Creative Industries pupils who took photos throughout the event. There is a lovely display in the main foyer of all our winners as well as the day itself.

Final Picture