S2 ENTERPRISE EVENT Portobello Enterprises Ltd

Pupils were welcomed to Portobello Enterprise Ltd and informed about an exciting venture they were going to take part in: “At Portobello Enterprises Ltd we produce and sell a range of confectionery. This summer we will introduce our new Scottish range. The product needs to be ready for April this year. However, we are stuck and need your help in creating an exciting and innovative product”. The pupils were asked to do the following:


Task 1: Organise your group!!

The pupils firstly had to organise themselves:

  • There were a number of different job sheets in the resources box.
  • Each member of the group chose an allocated role.
  • There could only be one Managing Director.
  • There could only be one
  • Once they had decided, they wrote their name and job title clearly on the labels provided and wore it throughout the event.


Task 2: Create your brand and logo

 The pupils then had to create their own brand and logo.

  • They were encouraged to stand out from their competitors!!
  • Pupils were asked to refer to Pack 2: Information Booklet to gain an understanding of branding and creating a logo.
  • Once they decided, they presented their brand name and logo using the resources provided.

Task 3: Create your Scottish confectionery

The pupils were asked to do the following:

  • Create a label
  • Detail what the confectionery will be like
  • Create a jingle


Task 4: Prepare for the Trade Fair

The CEO called an emergency meeting and asked for the following to be done:

  • Plan a business trip to London.
  • Arrange travel for the Friday and the Sunday.
  • Arrange suitable accommodation for Friday and Saturday.
  • Identify the costs of the trip.


Task 5: The Marketing Mix

 Pupils were then asked to create a Marketing Mix for your confectionery product.

  • The Marketing Managers were called to the Boardroom to discuss the use of this business tool and find out how they could apply it to their product.
  • A member of The Board was also present to offer advice and guidance.

Task 6: The Pitch

 The pupils were then asked to create a pitch for your confectionery product.

  • They were given a time slot of 60 seconds!!!
  • Once they had presented their pitch, they then had to showcase their work on the display board. Evidence of all successfully completed tasks were

The Boardroom

 Throughout the event pupils were called by the Chief Executive Officer to report to the Boardroom to discuss matters of urgency. This included financial management breaking news, mystery shopper activity whereby pupils would conduct a secret survey of their competitors’ products and ideas. The CEO monitored the Company Evaluation Reports throughout the day.


Each task was evaluated throughout the event. Pupils were encouraged to consider the following:

What did you contribute?

  • Who shared their ideas / thoughts / opinions?
  • What did you learn?
  • Who was responsible for what?
  • What did you enjoy?
  • What did you find challenging?

There is a display of pupil work in the main foyer of the school entrance. There are copies of Company Evaluation Reports to view which gives a great insight into what the children learned during the event as well as some of their memorable highlights. There are further examples of pupil work in the Business Education Department on the second floor. Please come along to rooms 202, 203 and 204 to have a look at the amazing work the pupils created.

We were incredibly impressed by the standard of work produced by the pupils during the events. We were also very impressed at their level of commitment to the overall goal, they embraced the opportunity and enjoyed the benefits of all their hard work.