1 to 1 Digital Learning in S2

We are delighted to announce that we will be extending our very successful 1 to 1 Digital Learning Policy to pupils in S2. This will be facilitated by the issue of an iPad mini to all pupils in S2 at a later date to be confirmed. Our present S3 and S4 pupils have been using this technology for many months now and we are seeing improvements in engagement in learning and enjoyment of the learning experiences. Our hope is that this will result in increased attainment in national qualifications at the end of S4 onwards.


A meeting will be held for parents/carers of S2 pupils at 7pm on Thursday, 27th November to further explore the rationale behind 1 to 1 Digital Learning and to show examples of the technology currently in use around the school. Arrangements for the distribution of the iPad devices will be shared with parents/carers at this time. I will issue a pack of materials prior to the meeting by post.


I look forward to meeting with you at the school on Thursday, 27th November.


Mrs Dobson

Depute Head Teacher