Participation in P.E.

Recently the P.E. Department has had to respond to an increasing number of phone calls from the school office who in turn appear to be receiving an increasing number of calls from parents / carers requesting that their child be excused from participating in P.E.


We would appreciate support from parents / carers regarding our policy which is outlined below:-


Many thanks


Mrs E Inkster – CL



The P.E. Department aim to have 100% participation by all pupils in every lesson.

It is understood, however, that there are occasions when pupils will be unable to take a full active part in a lesson due to a medical condition or as they recover from illness or injury. When this happens, P.E. staff will endeavour to keep such pupils as involved as possible so that they can continue their learning alongside their classmates. To achieve this, pupils are required to bring their P.E. kit on every occasion that the subject appears on their timetable so that that they are equipped to participate to their maximum in each lesson. As well as taking part in limited parts of the activities pupils may also be asked to act as a referee, timekeeper, scorekeeper, observer etc. thereby gaining knowledge from the lesson.


Pupils Excused PE

Pupils should only be excused from participation in P.E. if they have A signed note from a parent or carer. Parents / Carers should refrain from phoning the school in order to request that their child be excused from participating in P.E.