European Day of Languages


European Day of Languages (26th September) is an annual celebration of all languages that takes place throughout Europe. The Modern Languages department of Portobello High encouraged pupils to participate this year by focussing on a topic loved throughout the world: food! Pupils researched foods and dishes from all different countries around the world and how you would tell someone to enjoy their meal in the language of that country.

Some pupils were also able to use this opportunity to teach their classmates their first language. There were some fantastic mini lessons given in Polish, while others enjoyed learning some Greek, as well as some phrases in Spanish and Italian

Pupils also found out about celebrities that spoke other languages and how it had benefitted their careers during their Key Adult session that week.

Here are a few thoughts from those that took part:

Figo Kwok 2B2

“We had to make a poster on a food of our choice from a different country. I chose bitterballen, a food from the Netherlands, a food I have had before when I was there for holiday. It was fun because it was interesting to see what other people did for their posters and I gained more knowledge on foods from other countries.”

Leah Grieve 2B3

“In class we made posters on world foods and as homework we had to research it. I go to Turkey nearly every summer so I chose vine leaves from Turkey as I thought everyone would be doing Spain. I liked how we could do what we wanted and could make it 3D! It made me want to try them now.”

Amy Spalding 2A1

“I chose the food I picked because I had never seen or heard about that food and it looked nice. I liked the activity because it was fun and I learned where different foods came from. (In Key Adult Time) we saw pictures of celebrities and quotes from the about what languages they can speak. I learned that there are loads of celebrities that can speak more than one language.”


Here are just a few examples of the brilliant work the pupils did:pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5