Evernote setup


Evernote is a tool that can be used to organise and collect information.  We will use Evernote to record our learning across all our subject areas in S3 and target setting in S4. This video is a brief guide to seting up Evernote, creating and tagging notes.


Important points

  • Make sure you remember your Evernote name (your school email address) and password.
  • Your school email address is yournumber@schools.edin.org eg 01234567@schools.edin.org
  • Do not allow evernote to access your location
  • Make sure you are connected to the internet so Evernote can sync
  • Ensure you tag your notes with the appropraite subject and currculum area. Eg
    • the subject Computing Science  is part of Technologies curriculum
    • the subject Geography is part of Social Subjects curriculum

Evernote SetUp from Brian Clark on Vimeo.


Extra …

Skitch is another app that we will use that works with Evernote.  Feel free to download and investigate this app – use your Evernote name and password!