Suspended Timetable update

Dear Parents / Carers / Pupils


I am disappointed to release the news that the Suspended Timetable programme will not run this academic session.


The exceptions to this are the four residential trips which have been planned:


  • Kenya


  • Salou


  • The History Battlefields Trip


  • Raasay


There are a number of reasons behind the decision to pull the Suspended Timetable but, primarily this year has demanded huge commitment from staff to the introduction of the

National examinations and this work will continue until the end of the year. In parallel to this, work for the new Higher qualifications will begin.


We intend to set up a staff Working Group in September 2014 to revisit the planning and delivery of the Suspended Timetable programme. There will be consultation with staff with parents / carers / pupils. The hope is that we are able to revitalise the programme to enable us to run a Suspended Timetable in June 2015. As a staff, we apologise for any disappointment that this will cause.