S3 iPad – Set Up At Home

Say ‘Hello’ to your new iPad!

PortyiPadSetup takes you through the steps required to set up your school iPad.  Please do read the instructions carefully, and take note of the passwords / passcodes you create.  You will need to access Glow as part of the set up process.  Instructions on how to access Glow are included in the guide.


If you prefer, you can watch our how to guide below.
Part 1 – Initial Set Up and creating your school Apple ID

Set Up Part 1 from Brian Clark on Vimeo.


Part 2 – Verifying Apple ID with Glow mail and Setting Up App Store

Set Up Part 2 (iPad PHS) from Brian Clark on Vimeo.


Or, watch Part 1 and 2 together on YouTube (lower quality)


Please visit our eSafety page for information about staying safe online.