Scottish Youth Parliament

Written by Assad Khan, MSYP for Edinburgh Eastern and S4 Modern Studies pupil.


“I have always taken a keen interest in politics so, when I heard about the Scottish Youth Parliament I decided to stand as a candidate becauseĀ  the youth are the voice of tomorrow and we make a huge part of the society that we live in, it would give others with less confidence a chance to share there needs and views with me.One of issues that really hit me was the building of the new Portobello High School. For the last six years there have been debates on whether the high school should be built on the park. We need a new school, it is necessary, the current building is too tall and departments are difficult to access.


“I think Porty park is the best place without a doubt, to build the new high school in terms of its size and location, it is also within the catchment area and has good transport links. Another issue is that the youth in my area need some where to socialise and chill as that’s why you usually see them hanging about in street corners and outside shops. I was therefore inspired to stand for the Youth Parliament to raise such local issues.


“I campaigned for the Youth Parliament election in several ways, for example: I handed out leaflets around Portobello and posters were stuck around school and in the local area. I also used Social media to campaign for the election by setting up a twitter and facebook account where constituents shared their views and opinions, these accounts were updated regularly. I also did a speech at each of the house assemblies conveying my message and persuading pupils why they should vote for me. Lastly on the election day I went to as many registration classes to convince them why they should vote for me. I am very grateful to have been elected and will try my best to work for the betterment of young people in our community.”