S3 History Trip to Newtongrange

The S3 History trip to the Scottish Mining Museum in Newtongrange was a half day trip on Friday 8th February. We arrived early to the museum and burst through the doors as soon as it opened. We got split into two groups then we set off on the tour of the museum. First we met the leader who would show us around. In my group our leader was called Tom. Tom used to be a miner and so he knew a lot of personal stories about the miners and the conditions they worked in. Tom took us to an office type area to pick up safety helmets for everyone in our group, then he spoke a little about what we are going to do and see.


We started walking down a long white corridor into the first item we would speak about, a massive room that had all the mining equipment in it. Tom knew lots about all the equipment and told us stories of how he used to go down the mines and how scary it was being lowered into the pit in the life. We went into an underground area where you experienced what it would be like to go down into the mines. It was loud and cramped and it made me realise how hard it was to be a miner.


We were lucky because it was a sunny day but it was pretty cold and by the end of the tour we all needed warming up so we all headed to the café to eat some food and warm up. All in all, the trip was very good and it gave us loads of information about what it was like to work as a miner. I’m glad I wasn’t one!


Written by Stuart Russell, S3