Adopt a Tree at Kiurani Secondary School

Our link with Kiurani Secondary School is developing well, with both schools involved in projects which allow pupils to share their learning and find out about each other in the process. One of these projects involves the development of the school grounds to boost the environmental awareness of pupils at both schools. Titus Mugambi at Kiurani, the coordinator of the Environment Club, has been developing a tree nursery with his pupils.


During their visit in October 2012, Miss Sophie Bigg and Ms Sharon Gallagher helped the pupils start planting the trees around the school grounds, to provide shade and shelter for the grounds and crops, and in some cases for firewood.

Now the plans for the next reciprocal visit are underway and while there are many opportunities in Edinburgh for our pupils to raise funds for their visit to Kenya, it is more difficult for the Kiurani pupils to do the same. We are giving members of the PHS community an opportunity to help give Kiurani pupils the chance to come to Edinburgh by adopting a tree in the Kiurani school grounds.


For £15, you can adopt an indigenous moringa tree, also known as the ‘miracle tree’. These will help conserve the environment at Kiurani as their large leaves add nutrients to the soil. They can also be harvested without harming the tree, to be eaten by livestock.


For £10, you can adopt an exotic grevillea tree, chosen for its speedy growth as it takes only 5 years to mature. It is used for firewood and timber, essential for cooking and construction at Kiurani.


If you would like to help us fund raise by adopting a tree, please visit this International Links page to download an order form, which can be posted or emailed to the school.