Cairngorms Outing 2012

The Geography department’s trip to the Cairngorms on Friday 2nd November was of huge benefit to all S5 and S6 pupils sitting the Higher course. The day allowed pupils to experience the area from their own perspective and consolidate what had been taught in class.


After an early start and a lengthy bus journey, the first stop was at Loch Morlich where pupils took field sketches and examined the effects created by the kettle hole on the surrounding area. It provided a great insight into the effect of tourism in the area as well as many stunning views.


In the town of Aviemore pupils carried out several methods to gather information and determine the main source income for the settlement. A land use survey and questionnaire were created to show the influence of tourism on the area, which was then followed by a well deserved lunch.


The final highlight of the trip was a visit to the Ptarmigan Station at the top of Coire Cas. After a photo packed ride up the funicular, pupils were exposed to the cold conditions that often attracts thousands of skiers to the area every year. The results of glaciation were quickly recorded before a necessary snowball fight and the return to warmth.


Overall the visit was very successful and provided pupils with a great deal of information along with hours of fun and laughter. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and a great example of the use of kinaesthetic learning.