S3 Rapid Response Day

On Friday 5th October all S3 pupils were involved in the Rapid Response activity day. This was an interdisciplinary project between Social Subjects, Science and CDT.


After a week of lessons on the impact of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras in Social Subjects and an introductory talk from local student engineers, pupils were asked to imagine they were a group of engineers responding to a disaster such as a hurricane.


In teams of around 6, 260 pupils had to complete a number of 40 minute challenges. These included building a waterproof shelter for their team with limited resources, filtering dirty water in the science labs, constructing weather instruments and transporting water through pipelines from one end of the playground to the other!


These activities encouraged team work and interpersonal skills as well as improving thinking and problem solving skills.


Pupils and staff had a great morning, pupil evaluation show they had a fun day. Thanks to all the staff and S6 involved as well as Craig Hamilton S6 for the excellent photos.


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