Advanced Higher Geography Fieldwork at Kindrogan

On the 28th of September 2012, Portobello High School’s Advanced Higher Geography class took to the picturesque setting of Kindrogan for a residential weekend away to carry out various fieldwork techniques.


An early start, two trains and a 10 mile bus journey later, the class finally reached the field centre. A warm introduction awaited the pupils before being thrown straight into fieldwork. Not short of an hour after arriving, the pupils already found themselves knee deep in mud studying a soil catena.


Many soil samples later, the pupils continued their investigation in the classroom where they analysed their data, as well as stocking up on the tea and cakes the centre provided.


The next day the class was split into smaller groups and each travelled to a different section of the river Alt Doire nan Eun where they measures various aspects of the river like the rivers velocity and width. Of course it wasn’t easy trying to avoid falling over in the river as the majority soon found out, however it didn’t stop the class from collating the relevant data and processing it later in the classroom, both graphically and statistically.


The next morning the pupils carried out their final activity before heading home, which was a land use survey which began on top of Kindrogan Hill. After a final slice of cake, the class headed back to Edinburgh.


The students learnt a lot from their time in Kindrogan – how to gather and process various data, how to use fieldwork equipment, and how to put all of this information into their all-important projects of their own.


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