Building a New High School for Portobello: Public Meeting

A message from Paul Smart, Chair of the Parent Council:

“As Chair of the Parent Council here at Portobello High School I want to bring your attention to an important meeting taking place at 6:30pm this Friday, 21 September 2012 at Portobello Town Hall. This has been called by local politicians to discuss with the people of Portobello what can be done to make sure a new high school for our community is built as soon as possible. We all accept that a new high school is absolutely necessary, but we all have seen the outcome of the latest stage of the legal process about building it in Portobello Park. It is now essential that as a community we all get involved in finding the best way forward. I urge as many parents/carers and pupils as possible to attend the meeting and help with finding the quickest solution to building a new school that more than meets modern standards for our children and their teachers and is a fantastic asset for our whole community.”