Target Setting for S4/5/6

This session we will be continuing to implement our S4/5/6 Target Setting policy. The aim of this initiative is to help pupils to achieve their best possible exam results by helping them to set targets for their learning and advising them as to how best to work towards achieving this.


Target Setting sheets have been inserted into student planners and assemblies will be held for pupils in S4/5/6 on Monday 20th August to launch the process and explain how it will operate. I would invite you, as parents/carers of S4/5/6, to discuss the process with your son/daughter and look at the Target Setting sheets in the planners.


The dates for the Target Setting periods are given below.  Each period requires pupils to discuss progress with parents/ carers and we would appreciate it if you would sign in the appropriate box on the Target Setting sheets to acknowledge this. Further details about the process can be obtained by contacting Mrs Dobson, Depute Head Teacher.


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