Mr Muir Appears in New Scientist

We are very proud to announce that Mr Muir, a member of the Chemistry department, had an article published in the journal New Scientist. The article provided an answer to a question posed by another reader on why it is difficult to read black text in dim light on a white background, but easier to read white text on a black background. Click HERE to read the article.


The journal has a global readership of about 900,000 readers and the article has attracted the attention and commendation of top scientists. Mr Muir received an email from Dr Bob Carr who is the CTO and Founding Director of an award winning company, NanoSight Ltd. Dr Carr commented that he “wished the UK had more science teachers with the ability to explain complex matters with such apparent ease” and that he would be using Mr Muir’s description in “explaining his technology to customers”.


Well done to Mr Muir for this accolade and for putting Portobello High School on the global science map.