S2 Business Enterprise

On 25th October, a group of S2 pupils had a really interesting visit to State Street in Edinburgh who hosted an S2 business enterprise project for us.


The pupils were split into groups of 6-8. They were given limited materials to create towers. They had to first design a tower and make their towers using only what was on the table. They then took them through to another ‘buyers’ room who examined and offered them a price for their towers and paid them accordingly. They were then instructed to make more towers. They had to use the money they made to purchase more implements to build their towers, making sure they made a profit.


In the afternoon session each group had to invent a product, design it, make a slogan and an advert for it. They then had to give a presentation to the other groups. The pupils really enjoyed the day and before they left they were asked as groups to make some comments as to what they learned that day.



“How to market and design a product”

“How to really work well in a team”

“How to negotiate”

“How to work efficiently in a time limit”

“How to manage costs”

“How to make a profit”


Everyone agreed they had a great day!