John Muir Award Expedition

The S2 John Muir group went out on their first big expedition on Wednesday 28th September.  The group of 11 students and 2 teachers (Mrs Falconer and Mr Saddler from Geography and Biology Departments) walked from Aberlady to Gullane along the coastal path in East Lothian.  The weather was perfect and the young people learnt so much on their journey.


Pupils studied the salt marshes, spotted various birds such as oystercatchers and had fun finding sea creatures like starfish, crabs and seasquirts in the rock pools just beyond Aberlady Bay.


Pupils did field sketches and studied landscape formations such as headlands and bays and identified different rock types.  Pupils used public transport and planned the journey themselves with no hitches!  Watch out for our conservation project along the coast when we try to control the pollution problem!  Pupils will present their work to others in the coming weeks.