Standard Life Tea Dance

On a bright and sunny afternoon at the end of September, twenty senior pupils and our school Ceilidh band ‘The Spurtle’ supported a Community  Tea Dance in Portobello Town Hall, sponsored by Standard Life.


Waltzes, Quicksteps, Cha Cha slides and the Slosh were order of the day and all members of the group embraced the event wholeheartedly, having much fun with older members of the Community.


Social skills were practised and new dancing techniques learned. This was an excellent example of a Curricular for Excellence activity and one we look forward to repeating next year.


Peter Thomson from Standard Life said, “The way in which the pupils interacted with the senior citizens was fabulous to witness. The social skills were so very evident and the feedback from the senior citizens was great. They all said it really made their day. In fact as folks were leaving we had requests to do it again ‘next week’…..and the number of folks as they left saying they would be back next year was incredible”.


“I am sure you all will have your own wee stories from the day,  but one for me worth sharing…… of the very smart dressed gentleman told me (as well as telling me he was going to be 80 next year!), that this was the first time he had been ‘to the dancing’ in over 3 years since he lost his wife to cancer, after fighting it for 16 years. He said he was not sure about coming, but as an ‘ex Standard Lifer’ decided to attend and was delighted between the High School pupils and Standard Life staff he wasn’t sat down too long……..And he would be back again next year……..Brilliant”.


“Thanks again for all your fantastic participation and I hope, that if we are in a position to do this all again next year, you will also come back and participate”.