Be Punctual at Portobello High School

At Portobello High School we are committed to creating a positive learning environment for all our pupils, allowing them to reach their full potential. We believe that each day needs to start well and that means arriving on time for school.


School starts at 8.30am. A rota has been drawn up where senior staff will be on duty speaking to pupils who arrive late to school over the month of August. The issue of punctuality will also be highlighted in House Assemblies over the coming week. We want to send a very clear message to pupils that we expect them all to arrive on time. After August if a pupil arrives late into school and is spoken to by a senior member of staff they will be issued with a detention.


Having a good punctuality and attendance record is rewarded by a Certificate from the school. It also contributes to a pupil’s chance of being selected to be a Prefect and holding other positions of responsibility in the school. Employers, colleges and universities also look for pupils who are dependable and responsible and a good attendance and punctuality record contributes to a positive reference.